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UPDATE! See our 2014 Kids For Sale!.


Alpaca News


After months of soul searching, Linda and I have made the difficult decision to liquidate our alpaca herd. We make this announcement with a heavy heart, but at the same time, this is a perfect opportunity for someone to take advantage of this excellent offer. If you are looking for a starter herd or adding to your existing stock, our herd will suit your needs.

We are offering 4 females and 6 males at an incredible price of $10,000.00 $6,500 $2,500. This also includes all alpaca related supplies and literature. Also included is all prime and second fiber from last year's shearing.

Please go to our male and female alpaca pages for information on each alpaca. You will see the quality of our bloodlines and the fine offspring from our females. We have left our females open in order for the new owner to determine their breeding.

Myotonic Goat News

Goat kids are due any day! These will be awesome kids from our sire, the "Permanent Grand Champion Triple-T Rivers" with two of my best does, Saddleback Mountain Ranch Coco and Ancient Valley Ranch Crème de Coco.

We are happy with the results of these competitions:

Triple T Rivers: 2012 Senior Champion Buck Triple T Rivers: 2012 Grand Champion Buck Jasper: 2012 Senior Champion Wether Jasper: 2012 Grand Champion Wether
Triple T Rivers won Senior Champion Buck and Grand Champion Buck at the Valley of the Fainting Sun Open MGR Show SMR Jasper won Senior Champion Wether and Grand Champion Wether at the Open MGR Show.
Peanut: 2012 Junior Champion Wether Peanut: 2012 Junior Champion Wether SMR Laker: 2012 Reserve Junior Champion Buck SMR Laker: 2012 Champion Futurity Buckling
SMR Peanut won Junior Champion Wether and Reserve Grand Champion Wether at the Open MGR Show SMR Laker won Reserve Junior Champion Buck at the 2012 Valley of the Fainting Sun Open FGG Goat Show. At the Oktoberfest Futurity Show he won Champion Futurity Buckling.
Ancient Valley Coffee Crunch Cookie ANC: 2012 Senior Champion Doe
Ancient Valley Coffee Crunch Cookie ANC ("Oreo") won Senior Champion Doe and Reserve Grand Champion Doe at the Open MGR show

2011 Winners

Bambi, Yearling Champion Doe Bambi, Reserve Grand Champion Doe Trixie, Yearling Reserve Champion Doe Coffee Crunch, Senior Reserve Champion Doe
Bambi won Yearling Champion Doe and Reserve Grand
Champion Doe on the 4th.
Trixie won Reserve Yearling Champion Doe on the 4th Coffee Crunch Cookie won Reserve Senior Champion Doe on the 5th.
Elvis, Junior Champion Wether Elvis, Reserve Grand Champion Wether Jasper, Senior Champion Wether Jasper, Grand Champion Wether
Elvis won Junior Champion Wether and Reserve Grand Champion
Wether on both the 4th and 5th.
Jasper won Senior Champion Wether and Grand Champion
Wether on the 4th.
Buck-a-Roo, Yearling Champion Buck-a-Roo Grand Champion Buck Triple T Rivers, Western Regional Champion Buck  
Buck-a-Roo won Yearling Champion and Grand Champion
Buck on the 4th.
Triple T Rivers, our latest addition, won Western Regional Champion Buck!

As with our alpacas, we have strived to breed our stock to attain the highest quality offspring possible. We are happy and grateful with the results of this competition. It gives us confidence that our breeding program is on the right track. As we move forward to the coming year, we guarantee our continued effort to do our best.

Please check out our Goats for Sale page to see what we have available. We can notify you when we have new kids. Just contact us so we'll have your email address and can send you pictures. We expect a delivery in March from Triple T Rodeo Angel and Triple T Rivers.

To contact us immediately, our cell phone numbers are (661) 305-3755 for Linda and (661) 433-7667 for Andree. Visit our contact page for additional information on how to reach us. Take care and all the best to you for now, Linda and Andree.

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